10 Reasons To Be Direct With Women


It’s not enough to simply step up and say hi. Here’s why it’s important to show your intentions.

Approaching beautiful women can be a nerve-wracking experience.

Anyone who does so deserves praise.

Yet, it can be stressful if you’re stepping up to girls and getting into conversations that aren’t going anywhere.

No man has time for twenty minutes of polite chit-chat, followed by a patronising pat on the shoulder and a “nice to meet you.”  

In my guest post on drewdating.com, I explain the importance of showing your intentions when chatting up women.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Going for what you want is sexy.
  • It’s also LESS creepy than weaseling your way in with smalltalk.
  • Being direct with women is the BEST way to actually get what you want!

You can find a link to this article in The London Dater’s free ‘FEARLESS’ PDF.

The document also includes:

  • The science of why we’re scared to speak to gorgeous girls

  • 8 attitude shifts to kill your fear of the opposite sex

  • 17 clever conversational tricks to help you chat up women

  • What to say to a girl you just met

  • My top tip for becoming the coolest guy at the nightclub

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