5 Essential Tips To Bear In Mind Before Dating A London Girl

Guest post: the experts at datingvip.com have composed a list of the five most important things to bear in mind before dating a London girl.

With a population of over eight million people and the growing popularity of free dating online, it’s become easier than ever to search for a date in London.

The London dating pool is huge, but this does mean that men may have to do more to stand out from the crowd.

With this in mind, the experts at datingvip.com have composed a list of the five most important things you need to know when dating a London girl.

1. Pay The Bill Sometimes

London girls certainly like their independence, but many still wish for a man to take care of them now and again. You don’t have to pay the bill every time, but offering to do it occasionally will be much appreciated.

2. Turn up on time

Londoners are not the most patient people in general, but London girls certainly don’t like to be kept waiting for their date.

If you want to be in their good books, show up when agreed. Better yet, get there early so it looks like her Prince Charming couldn’t wait for her to arrive. Give yourself plenty of time to get to where you’re meeting and don’t make her wait for even one second.

3. Reserve a table

As London girls don’t like to be kept waiting, it’s unlikely they’d ever agree to waiting in line at a restaurant or pub.

That being said, make a reservation at the restaurant you want to take her to, otherwise you’ll risk showing up at an establishment that’s full and having to wander the streets searching for any place that will take you.

4. Keep it local

The fantastic thing about London it has the most amazing architecture, theatres, shops and restaurants in every borough.

Don’t make your date travel halfway across the capital if there’s something good closer to her.

Why make her waste time and money on a lengthy tube journey if it’s not necessary? Of course, if you’re planning a beach getaway, that’s a whole different story. No London girl has ever turned that down.

5. make Your Peace With Flat Shoes

High heels are not the best of choices for running around town and hopping on and off trains, buses and tubes. As much as London girls like to look posh, they also like not to break any bones while doing it, so you may have to make your peace with flats.

Flat shoes are never as sexy as heels, but many London girls like to save their sexy for the bedroom, not the street.

At least you know, she’ll actually be able to walk on a date with you.

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