5 Tips For Arranging A First Date That Won’t Flake


Arranging a first date? Follow these simple steps to increase your chances of actually meeting that beautiful woman after you get her phone number.

It’s enough to make any man’s blood boil.

You spend hours entertaining this wonderful woman. You’re witty, clever, charming and she’s hooked on your every word. You exchange numbers and she couldn’t be more excited to meet you.  

Then, you send that first text message and it’s as if you never met.

This experience is inevitable. Most beautiful ladies have the luxury of being able to flake on a date if they’re not feeling quite up to it. They know full well that their next romantic encounter won’t be too far away…

Nevertheless, there are steps you can take to help turn that beauty’s phone digits into a brilliant first date.

1. Set up a date BEFORE exchanging numbers

When you meet, tell her where you want to take her and find out when she’s free.

There’s so many reasons to do this! For starters, it makes exchanging numbers so smooth, because there’s an obvious reason to do so.

Agreeing on a time and location makes the prospect of meeting you more real in her head. She’ll picture doing this activity and decide whether she wants to there and then, rather than exchanging numbers without thought.

Most importantly, it saves you from all the BS back and forth on your smartphone. All the stress about what to say, how long to wait, why she’s taking so long etc goes out the window. Chances are you’ve lost too many women within these mind games…

With this method, your first message is to confirm the meet-up you’ve already arranged.

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2. Be enthusiastic about your plans

Enthusiasm is infectious. If you’re excited about your ideas, she will be too.

It needn’t even be a ground-breaking itinerary, Just exaggerate the one original element of it.

I’ve taken girls for ‘the best fish and chips in London’. My local pub has this ‘brilliant huge beer garden’ and serves ‘the most fantastic potato wedges’

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3. Get your name in her phone

Always exchange phone numbers. Don’t give yours away and wait for her to initiate.  Unless she’s this super-forward alpha-female, it’s unlikely she ever will.

Try to get your name in her phone as well though. Enter a cute pet name as well as your number, so when you message her she’s reminded of the fun moment that she agreed to meet you.

Follow up by texting something funny/silly while you’re stood with her and check she gets it. She’ll see that message the next time you text her. Once again, this’ll remind her of the fun vibe she felt when she met you. It also eliminates the possibility of wrong numbers.

Finally, it’s 2016 so why not exchange social media details too? This will help eliminate her concerns about meeting a stranger, as she’ll be able to confirm you’re a fun guy with cool friends (provided you come across this way in your profile).

4. Get her out as soon as possible

In this era of Tinder and social media, beautiful women are being messaged by masses of eligible bachelors.

You might be the most exciting man she’s met in some time, but someone shiny and new will pop up on her smartphone soon enough.

That’s why the ‘wait two days to text’ rule is outdated. It’s also why you should avoid all platonic chit-chat on the phone. Don’t risk being forgotten among her flood of smartphone notifications. Aim to get her on a date ASAP.

If possible, take her for a quick drink the moment you meet her. This ‘instant-date’ will leave more of an impression than even the world’s most witty text messages.

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5. Arrange something easy to say yes to  

The ideal first date is all about low pressure and low investment.  

Avoid anything too fancy or romantic. In fact, don’t even call it a date. It puts too much pressure on her.

Also, avoid areas that take too long to travel to and activities that take forever to finish. That’s potentially asking for too much investment.

Instead, find that activity that’s fun and interesting but doesn’t take too much commitment on her end.

That way there’s less incentive for her to flake if she suddenly feels a bit unsure about you.

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