Adventure 13, 14 & 15: Big Day Out

#JOESLONDONBUCKETLIST: 30 Adventures Before 30

I’m Joe – and I’ve challenged myself to complete 30 of the 50 activities in my book The London Bucket List before my 30th birthday. The challenge was set exactly 30 weeks before my birthday on 1 October. You can read about all of the activities I’ve completed so far here. You can download an electronic version of The London Bucket List at the bottom of this post – or buy the paperback here.

My mate Lucy is a sucker for fun and adventure – so when she visited London for the day OF COURSE we would try to squeeze in as many Bucket List activities in as possible…


A journey to the cereal-only cafe in Camden for breakfast. There are hundreds of cereals to pick from, as well as plenty of flavoured milks and sugar-packed toppings.

Our eyes were immediately pulled to the cereal cocktails. A list of ready-made combinations on the menu.

Chocaholic Lucy ordered the Chocopottomus – cocopops / krave / kinder happy hippo / chocolate milk   

For me, there was nothing more appealing than the Unicorn Poop – ricicles / party rings / fluff / marshmallows / hundreds and thousands / semi skimmed milk

Absolutely delicious. They tasted so sugary and sweet. A milky, breakfasty throwback to those times in childhood you’d steal too much pick ‘n mix.

adventure 14: cyberdog

My favourite fashion chain in London – and probably the most fun shop I’ve ever set foot in. Come for the futuristic fashion, clubwear and rave clothing. Head downstairs for sex toys and fetishwear. Stay for the ear-splitting EDM music and podium dancers.

I’d love to pop a molly, purchase some neon tights, then spend the rest of the day raving near the changing rooms.

The only downside to Cyberdog is their super-strict no photos policy, but we did create these awesome snaps in the changing rooms.

adventure 15: lady dinah’s cat emporium

If there’s a more tranquil way to enjoy afternoon tea than while stroking a friendly playful pussycat, I haven’t seen it.

London’s original cat cafe serves a tremendous high tea, or a wide range of coffees and light snacks all in the company of a dozen or so friendly felines


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