7 Horrendous Tales Of Bad First Dates

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Seven of my favourite bloggers share stories of the worst date they ever went on.

The dating scene is a jungle.

Some would say the mystery of it all is what makes it so exciting.

I’m not sure these seven individuals felt that way after these horrendously bad first dates though.

Scroll to the bottom of the post for details on how to ensure your dates are more awesome than these

the pizza delivery

“On my worst date ever, the guy told me to pick up a pizza to bring to his house. He never paid me for the pizza and he never thanked me for picking it up, and it wasn’t a cheap pizza!

“I paid myself, which was a huge no-no on the first date. He totally wasn’t a gentleman and had ME do his dirty work by running his errands.”


the bar brawl

“I brought us both a drink, and then went to use the bathroom. And this is where it all got very weird, very quick.

The barmaid told me after that she had asked some guys at the bar to  line her up a row of shots. She necked them all, and that would explain  the mess she was in when I returned two minutes later.

She fell over, started a fight with some locals, got very sexually aggressive, and then passed out in the toilets…all in the space of about 2-3  minutes.”

Nate, from Bad Dates Online

the party animal

“Worst ever date was with a woman that was hungover from the night before and kept having to run to throw up, despite me offering to take her home to recover, she insisted on staying out. It was pretty funny/frustrating!”

Mark, from The Frequent Dater

the late, late show

“I spent 45 minutes waiting for my date to arrive. When he finally showed up, I asked him questions and he would respond but it didn’t seem like he cared to ask me anything about myself.  I got to the point where I just didn’t care anymore and stopped asking questions.  There was a bit of an awkward silence, but then our waitress showed up and talked enough for the three of us.

She actually made some offensive comments toward American women, but he never stood up for me, just allowed her to continue to talk.  After she left, he asked if there was anything else that I wanted to know about him!  

We finished our dinner and we were walking out, when I realised that in my heels, he was shorter than me.”

Kate, from Misadventures Finding The One

far from man’s best friend

“Around 45 minutes into the date, I mentioned my two dogs. My date was visibly surprised and obviously not a fan of four-legged creatures. 

He asked me how old they were, which gave me false hope that he was actually interested in them. His follow-up question was, “What’s the life expectancy of a dachshund?”

I explained to him that a dachshund’s life span was way longer than the life span of this date, threw cash on the bar and bolted. 

It’s the perfect example as to why it’s important to take the time to read the online dating profile. My dachshunds were clearly mentioned both in text and in pictures.”

Craig, from Craigrogers.nyc

the chunder storm

“My worst date was with a guy who got totally drunk quite quickly, whilst walking me to the tube station to go home.  I kept insisting I was fine to walk alone as he was stumbling all over the place. He suddenly told me he was going to be sick and threw up all over the pavement. I didn’t know whether to stay and help or run away!”

Caroline, from Mutual Attraction

the motorcycle crash

“My date texted me to warn that she’d been in a motorcycle accident.

That’s a creative excuse to cancel, I thought. But she texted again a couple of hours later saying that she could still make it.

I met her at the tube station, but she couldn’t walk very fast. She asked if we could sit at the closest bar to the station for this reason.

Once we got there, I was cracking a bunch of jokes, but she told me to stop because it really hurt her ribs when she laughed. About half an hour in, she said she had to leave because her painkillers were wearing off.”

Joe, from The London Dater

So what have we learned? Be on time. Pay your way. Ask about them. Don’t get too drunk and DON’T get in a motorcycle accident. Seems easy enough.

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