Can Vene Take The Effort Out Of Online Dating?

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A new dating app that promises to take the effort out of online dating has launched in London. I spoke to the founder of Vene to find out why he’s expecting it to take the capital by storm.

A new dating app that promises to take the effort out of online dating has launched in London.

Vene, which was released on June 1, lets users choose between predefined pick-up lines so they don’t have to conjure up their own charm.

Unsure whether this was what the online dating world needed, I spoke to the app’s creator Ilya Karnaukhov

Q. Why did you decide to create Vene?

Ilya: After a brief experimentation with dating apps, I felt it inhumane how much time had to be spent to acquire even one date. Tens of hours later, most of the girls I talked with seemed to put very little effort in conversing and were thus very dull to talk with.

I was able to find only one person who seemed interesting enough to meet in person. However, the amount of time spent online to acquire one date did not feel worth it. I felt that something in the online dating scene had to change; I felt there had to be a simpler, more fun and effective way to talk to strangers.

Q. Why do you make users do a multiple-choice set of icebreaker questions before unlocking open chat? What does this achieve?

Ilya: When talking to strangers using usual online methods, the starting topics are usually quite dull, repetitive, and sometimes vulgar.

We make our users skip that, and immediately get to the fun and friendly core of each other. Based on our statistics, how the person you are talking to replies using the predefined responses reveals a greater deal about them than an ordinary open conversation would.

Q. One of the main hurdles preventing people meeting their online dating matches is that they don’t feel like they don’t know them well enough. Women in particular worry that their matches will be boring, shy or creepy in real life. How are they meant to differentiate between genuinely confident, interesting matches and fakers if all the words exchanged are chosen by the app?

Ilya: “One of the reasons that people have difficulty getting to know each other online is because they talk about menial things that portray no character, such as work, study, love of dogs etc.

However, we believe that using our predefined messages users talk on a level closer to their inner child, which reflects a greater deal of who they really are; if the person is generally a funny, adventurous, negative, positive, rude person, etc. The conversations connect closer to our emotions and humans have a natural talent for interpreting them accurately. Thus, with a few predefined messages sent back and forth they will already have a fairly good idea of the kind of person they are talking to.”

Q. The app limits how many people you can chat with. Why did you introduce this cap?

Ilya: “This is mainly to protect the women from guys overwhelming them with messages. It also lets the person feel more special when somebody else messages them because they know that that person has used up one of only three possibilities of starting a conversation that day.”

Q. One of the major appeals of online dating, especially for men, is the abundance of potential matches you can make in a short amount of time. Are you worried that users will be put off by the limited amount of users you can speak to?

Ilya: “Men generally match or start conversing with a large pool of females due to the ratios being so bad. The larger the pool, the larger the chance of a meet in person with one of them. We believe that after using Vene and noticing that with a smaller pool, they receive greater results, they will prefer our option.”

Q. What are your plans for the next few months?

Ilya: “Although Vene can be used anywhere in Europe, the primary markets are London and Prague. Our plan in London is to reach a critical mass of users so that we can better understand our audience and reach organic growth. In Prague, we are planning a launch party at the end of August with 2,000 people.”

The london dater’s verdict

I had a quick play on  Vene and it’s definitely a fun app to use.

The predefined messages make the whole experience less arduous and they do encourage you to find out things about your matches that you may not otherwise ask.

It’s worth a download for these reasons alone.

Its smaller user base and the cap on conversations mean that the app can currently only expect to be the cherry on the cake that is online dating though.

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You can find out more about Vene at 

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