Adventure 6: Dans Le Noir

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I’m Joe – and I’ve challenged myself to complete 30 of the 50 activities in my book The London Bucket List before my 30th birthday. The challenge was set exactly 30 weeks before my birthday on 1 October. You can read about all of the activities I’ve completed so far here. You can download an electronic version of The London Bucket List at the bottom of this post – or buy the paperback here.

What is Dans Le Noir?

A pitch black restaurant in Farringdon with blind waiters. You choose from one of four set menus – meat, fish, vegetarian or exotic – and won’t find out exactly what you ate until after you’re done.

Afterwards, you can enjoy a drink in the upstairs bar with ‘silent disco’ headphones served by deaf waiting staff.

How Was it?

After selecting our meal in the lobby, we were led into the pitch black room by our waiter Fabio. I was terrified of colliding into someone, but he sat us down without any unfortunate incidents.

We could hear a buzz of excitement from the other diners, and the starters arrived almost immediately.

Unsurprisingly, eating it took far longer than at a traditional restaurant, but we were happily chatting with those sitting next to us.

The novelty of sitting in complete darkness seemed to make everyone more open to chatting with strangers.

It was great that they made us store all our belongings in lockers. This is to stop people lighting up the room with their smartphones, but also helps people immerse themselves in the experience. All restaurants should do this.

The main course was delicious. There was a huge range of exotic meats and vegetables (I won’t ruin the surprise). I’m not convinced about the idea that sensory deprivation makes the food smell and taste better. That does a disservice to the fantastic job that the chefs do.

The silent bar upstairs includes basic sign language instructions, so you can order drinks. That’s where the contents of your meal are revealed – and we were pleasantly surprised.

Is it a good date idea?

If you like fantastic food and quirky once-in-a-lifetime experiences, definitely consider Dans Le Noir.

It’s not a cheap date, but certainly is an experience you’ll never forget.

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