Do looks matter? My message to ugly guys

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My message to those who think they’re too ugly to get a decent girlfriend

Do you feel like your looks are holding you back from your ideal dating life?

Maybe you feel like you’re too short, skinny, bald, ugly to get the type of girlfriend you desire.

Well, those beliefs are BALONEY!

Good looks might make it easier to create a favourable first impression. They might even help you score a simple hook-up here and there. But they’re far from the most important attribute of an attractive man

If you want to learn;

  • what women are actually looking for in a man
  • why handsome men have it easier with women
  • how to get girls regardless of your appearance

Read my latest guest post:


…and then go get yourself a beautiful girl.


Don’t blame your looks.

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on “Do looks matter? My message to ugly guys
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