Do Looks Matter? They Should Never Hold You Back

I’ve seen for myself why no man should blame his looks for holding him back romantically. Here’s how to ensure you never see a woman as ‘out of your league’.

This one goes out to men who are worried about their looks.

“Women don’t like me because I’m short. That chick turned me down because I’m ugly. I’m no good with white girls because of my race.”

It’s easy to see why some men think their looks are holding them back romantically.

We’re surrounded by male models marketing fitness products, fashion trends and grooming products. We’re fed mainstream movies with women swooning over hearthrobs like Ryan Gosling. We’re in an era where superficial apps like Tinder and Instagram are at peak popularity.

Yet, there are still so many attributes that women value more than physical attractiveness.

I’ve seen it for myself! I was the short, bald guy who couldn’t get any girls. You can read more about that and the things I changed about myself here.

The bottom line is I’m the same bloke, with a few extra crow’s feet thrown in, yet I now lead a healthy dating life.

How did this happen? I spent the start of this start attempting to articulate it:

  • In my latest article for Elite Daily, I explore some of the traits that women value more than your appearance – and offer you a step-by-step guide to ensure you’ll never see another woman as ‘out of your league’ again.
  • Meanwhile, in a feature for Dumb Little Man, I break down the science of perception – and how if someone has an attractive personality, they will actually appear more physically attractive to others.

Your epiphany awaits

I get a bit of stick for writing a dating blog, and I sometimes shake with anxiety seeing these super-personal stories published on the internet.

But, as soon as I saw that appearance doesn’t have to dictate your dating life, it had such a powerful impact on my self-esteem, how I see the world and my own success with women. If I can help even just one other dude experience this same epiphany, it’ll be worth all the downsides.

Honestly, this content contains the main message I want to get across to my readers. So click here and here to read it.

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