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See our review of the newest London escape game – Do Stuff Escape Games in Battersea – and claim your 25% discount on a game.

It’s the classic Hollywood action-romance tale.

A brave, heroic man. A beautiful, intelligent woman.

Both find themselves stuck in a hostage situation with a short time to save themselves and others from imminent disaster.

They must stay calm, combine their strengths and overcome a series of obstacles to save the day.

Naturally, the experience brings them closer. They work seamlessly to escape the clutches of evil. And after ensuring everyone is safe, they engage in a passionate embrace.

Admittedly, I’m being a bit cheesy and overdramatic, but taking a girl to an escape game could certainly be more fun than seeing a film or sharing a drink.

“An experience couples will remember forever”

We went to try Do Stuff Escape Games in Battersea over the bank holiday weekend – and it was brilliant.

Escape games are dotted all across London these days, but only a few are suitable for a team of two.

Mabel Chaces, who co-founded the new attraction, was keen to ensure that the ‘Hostage Hideout’ challenge could be completed by couples.

She said: “I’ve done plenty of escape games with a partner. We had some great memories completing these challenges. It’s so much fun.

“We hope this brain-teaser will be an experience that lots of couples will remember forever.”

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The challenge is based at ‘The Grove’ bar on Battersea Park Road, so you can grab a drink and a bite to eat straight after you escape.

Mabel and her colleagues are so enthusiastic about the challenge and will radio through with clues if you’re stumped.

Even with the maximum team size of five, no-one has saved the hostages without a hint.

Best of all, the team have been kind enough to offer a 25% discount to all of our Date Ideas email subscribers.

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