How do you become a dating expert?


This post was inspired by Jeff Goins, who teaches people to become successful writers.

The core message of his blog is that calling yourself a writer is all it takes to turn pro. You are a writer as soon as you say you are.

He explains how if you portray the habits of a successful writer every day, then YOU ARE A WRITER. And there’s nothing that will stop you eventually becoming as successful as the writers whose habits you copy.

In his book, aptly titled ‘You Are A Writer’, Jeff explains how calling yourself a writer helps you hold yourself accountable to maintaining these habits.

This same theory could apply to calling yourself an expert in any field.

What is a dating expert? 

There’s no tangible definition of ‘expert’. There’s no king of expertise who places a sword on your shoulder and bestows this title upon you.

As arrogant as it may sound, the first step to becoming an expert is to start calling yourself one. No-one will believe you’re an expert if you don’t believe it first.

Before today, I modestly described myself as a journalist who enjoys blogging about love and dating. A guy who harbours ambitions of writing for certain publications but didn’t shout about them too loudly. That changes now.

Here are the blogs I want to share my expertise with in 2015. I will also be updating this blog on a weekly basis.

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