How To Get International Tinder Matches Before Your Flight

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Learn how I got dozens of Swedish Tinder matches BEFORE my flight to Stockholm. You can match with natives of other countries for free without even having to swipe right.

Imagine having a queue of beautiful women ready to make love to you before you even enter their country.

Since the introduction of Tinder Plus, that’s more than possible.

Yet, I went one step further and fashioned a way to get this in Stockholm for free!

What’s more, there’s not even any swiping involved.

How to hack Tinder

Regular readers shouldn’t be surprised at this accomplishment.

Each step is detailed in my Tinder Hacks document released earlier this year.

The document features five articles for fast-tracking your Tinder results.

All I did was:

  • Edit my photos to appear endorsed by Tinder (article 1)
  • Trick Tinder into thinking I lived in Sweden (article 3)
  • Installed an auto-liker to swipe right on everyone (Article 2)

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Of course, there’s still some work to get these Swedes out on dates.

Yet, there’s always the option using the smartphone app that suggests clever messages to send them (Article 4).

I’ll let my email subscribers know how I got on in Stockholm. To get on the list, simply download the Tinder Cheat Sheet today.

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