Live Each London Day Like It’s Your Last


The London Dater’s Manifesto – inspired by my first sick day in nearly a decade.

I’m a health freak. I haven’t been ill in nine years.

But last Monday, this fever hit me harder than a train.

It pissed me off. It wasn’t the temperature, the throbbing headache or the aching all over that annoyed me most.

It was the wasted day.

My Monday consisted of waking up, going to work, going home, dinner, shower and sleep.

I wasn’t living this day like it was my last. Nor was I working towards a brighter future.

This is the sort of thing that really stirs me up.

I want to live every London day like it’s my last

Some people might think it’s silly, especially if that’s their typical weekday (maybe with some TV thrown in).

But you got one day older doing that. One day closer to death.

I’m out with my mates most evenings, but I’ll get annoyed if it’s nothing more than an average night out.

If there was a gorgeous girl I should have spoke to or an after-party we never attended, I’m angry!

Even on a recent last tube home, when there were these three blokes laughing and bantering at the rest of the carriage, it stuck with me. Why couldn’t I have that much of a laugh on the Northern line?

The London Dater’S Manifesto

This is partly why I started The London Dater.

Firstly, to inspire myself and others to make the most of London. WE LIVE IN ONE OF THE MOST ACTIVE, EVENTFUL, INCREDIBLE CITIES IN THE WORLD. Stop watching Netflix and experience it!

Secondly, to show others the steps I’ve taken to make my nights out more epic. For example, how to become more confident, meet more women and arrange more dates. Also, how to have a brilliant time on these dates.

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