Adventure 1: Project Awesome

#JoesLondonBucketList: 30 Adventures Before 30

I’m Joe – and I’ve challenged myself to complete 30 of the 50 activities in my book The London Bucket List before my 30th birthday. The challenge was set exactly 30 weeks before my birthday on 1 October. You can read about all of the activities I’ve completed so far here. You can download an electronic version of The London Bucket List at the bottom of this post – or buy the paperback here.

What is Project Awesome?

Project Awesome is London’s most fun and friendly fitness movement. It takes places at City Hall on Wednesdays and on Primrose Hill every Friday. There’s also a ‘Flash Fitness’ class at a different London location every Monday.

If you love high fives, hugs, sweating and smiling, this will be the perfect start to your day.


I’m a huge advocate of getting your workout out the way as early as possible, so you can feel proud for the rest of the day. I’m also a massive fun of relentless enthusiasm. There’s certainly no fitness class like it. And it’s free :).

How awesome was it?

Getting to City Hall at 06.30 was an experience in itself. Tower Bridge looks beautiful at sunrise – and I was shocked to see so many fitness fanatics ready for a fantastic sweat session.

As a newbie, I had an initiation period which involved the entire squad screaming at me and having to scream back.

What followed was a fun cardio session with hugs, high fives and an intermission for dancing. As it was International Women’s Day, there was even a chivalrous exercise where men carried women safely down The Scoop to the starting point.

Should I go there on a date?

If you’re (lucky enough to be) dating a fitness fanatic, then by all means bring them along. You’d do well to find someone who’s that awesome.

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