A Dating Coach Taught Me How To Pick Up Girls In The Street


Read on for a review of my one-hour trial session with up-and-coming dating coach Ryan Williams.

Ever seen a woman in the street that took your breath away – and just let her walk off without introducing yourself?

Chances are you have.

Most men are either too intimidated to speak to hotties in the street or have no idea what to say to them. Some aren’t even aware it’s possible to seduce women in these everyday situations.

Either way, they’re missing out on a massive opportunity to expand their dating life.

Earlier this year, I interviewed three dating coaches who charge thousands of pounds to teach men how to attract women in the street. These men went from being terrible with women to having sex with actresses and catwalk models, just by teaching themselves a set of replicable techniques.

Naturally, I was intrigued to learn more about these techniques. So after hearing that up-and-coming dating coach Ryan Williams was offering free lessons on how to flirt with women in the street, I snapped his hand off.

Read on for a review of our one-hour trial session.

Who is Ryan Williams?

Ryan Williams is a 24-year-old Londoner , who has been teaching men to improve their social skills for five years. Earlier this year, he assembled a team of three apprentices to form a coaching company called Social Shortcuts

His lessons cost £60 an hour, dropping down as low as £30 an hour if you book in bulk. Alternatively, you can train with his apprentices, who charge lower rates.

Before our trial session, he sent some hidden-camera footage of him chatting up women in Leicester Square.

He had a cheeky, apathetic style of speaking with them. He liked to joke around and throw in a few cheesy chat-up lines. He was clearly a fun lad to be around and made flirting with strangers look simple. Even without Ryan’s experience, I could see myself hitting on women with that same style.

The trial session

I met Ryan on a cloudy summer evening outside the Hippodrome casino.

As we walked towards Trafalgar Square, he explained how his students normally suffer from one of three sticking points. Either they have approach anxiety, run out of things to say or they’re boring.

“Which one do you struggle with most?” he asked bluntly.

I wasn’t sure.

As we leant on the balcony staring towards Nelson’s Column, he explained the trial was to identify my weaknesses and set out an action plan for future lessons.

Like a sniper, he pointed down at a brunette sitting alone on the fountain and told me to hit on her. No other instructions.

I strolled over, signalled for her to remove her headphones and told her she looked fantastic. I asked if I could take a seat. Ryan subtly sat a few steps away.

We spoke about our favourite clubs in London. I joked how we were incompatible because she was a PR (sworn enemies of journalists). I teased how her big brown eyes widened when she spoke about something serious. When her friend arrived, I cockily asked if we made a cute couple.

It was fun and flirty, just like in Ryan’s videos. We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet at this cocktail bar in Covent Garden after the weekend.

Expert tips

I felt pretty smug for getting the girl’s phone number in front of the professional.

“Not bad,” he said.

But he’d written down a lengthy list of things that could have been done better. We discussed it while walking back towards the balcony.

I was sat on my hands the whole time, which is supposedly a sign of dishonesty. My body language was incredibly tense. Also, asking to sit next to her was a weak move. Alpha males assume it’s OK to do so.

Ryan showed me how my body language transformed as soon as her friend arrived – and demonstrated a smoother technique for swapping phone numbers.

With all this feedback fresh in my head, he pointed out an Indian woman strolling towards Leicester Square.

I stepped in front of her and spat out some line about how glamorous she looked. She immediately said she had a boyfriend. After some awkward back and forth, she fluttered off to find him.

Even after such a fast interaction, Ryan had a ton of feedback. He showed me the best gestures to stop a woman walking. He suggested to start talking earlier so I definitely get her attention. He pointed out that my hands were in my pockets the entire time.

I’d never have noticed these nuances without someone spotting them for me. It was apparent that Ryan has studied the finer details of flirting and social interaction in some depth.

Social Shortcuts looks set for big things

We hunted down a couple more women, who were in too much of a hurry to be hit on. Once we’d spoke about how to deal with that, we discussed details of Ryan’s body language workshop.

While I opted against paying for further training at this point, Social Shortcuts is a business that looks likely to blow up in the coming months.

After all, Ryan’s coaching sessions are among the cheapest in his industry – and he’s willing to show customers how clued up he is before they pay a penny.

Social Shortcuts coaching is suitable for anyone who is :

  • looking to time improve their social and/or dating life
  • looking to meet new people and learn new skills at the same time
  • looking to have an extra advantage when it comes to communication and politics within the workplace.

If you’re interested in booking a free trial with Social Shortcuts, visit socialshortcuts.com and scroll down to the contact form.


We asked Ryan to share his top five tips for someone who had never approached a woman on the street.

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