Speed Dating In London: DateInADash review


Speed dating has always been seen as great for guys who are afraid of approaching women. But is worth the effort for extroverts? Find out how I got on…

It’s like Tinder, but with personalities. A night out, but the girls actually give you attention.

These were two conclusions from dudes attending the DateInADash speed dating event in Clapham earlier this month.

Speed dating has always been seen as great for guys who are afraid of approaching women. After all, each female attendee is forced to sit opposite you for four minutes.

But what’s it like for those with the confidence to chat up women in traditional circumstances?

Are extroverts missing the chance to clear up?

Is speed dating worth the effort for extroverts?

It’s not just ugly sisters and fat friends who attend these events.

Of the 16 women who sat opposite me, only a couple could be placed in this category.

DateInADash runs several London events a week, each with their own theme and age range, so it’s simple to choose an event that suits you.

Our theme was Play Date. Each table had a board game for breaking the ice. It cost £15 to attend. Some events will set you back £22.

So is it worth paying more than the entry fee for most high-end nightclubs?

Maybe if you’re looking to improve your social skills, or you’re up for a unique night out.

However, if you’re only interested in getting more girls, it’s worth reading on.

The flaw in the system

DateInADash offers you four minutes with each female attendee, instead of the traditional three.

That’s plenty of time for men to decide if they fancy someone, but not nearly enough to show a woman how awesome you are.

Women typically need more time to tell if they’re attracted to a man. Most will weigh up much more than whether you’re good-looking.

Is he trustworthy? Is he socially savvy? Is he serious about me? Would meeting up with him be enjoyable or awkward?

It’s tough for her to assess this in 240 seconds, especially if she’s not taking the event super-seriously.

Then, even if you impress her, there’s 15 other men on a level playing field for her attention.

Unless she’s seriously short of smartphone messages from thirsty men, you’ll need a canny strategy for standing out.

How did I get on?

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