The 5-Step Guide To Getting More Tinder Dates

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Four of London’s most-followed dating bloggers for their secrets to getting more Tinder dates

Ever felt like Tinder is the party you’re not invited to?

Maybe you’ve heard your mates bragging about the babes they’ve met through the app. Or tales of females sleeping with six or seven Tinder blokes after a break-up.

There are 15 million matches made every day on Tinder, yet for you it’s a virtual ghost town. And when you do get a match, they tend to disappear faster than a mirage in a desert.

That’s got to be tough for the ego, but don’t be disheartened. The odds are you’re doing something disastrously wrong.

I asked four of London’s most-followed dating bloggers for their secrets to getting more Tinder dates. With decades of online dating experience between them, they weren’t short of ideas.

1. Sort your pictures out!

Online dating matches are based almost entirely on your photos.

OkCupid owner Christian Rudder recently conceded as much, after an experiment involving the removal of profile pictures.

So it’s worth spending some time cultivating some high-quality images.

Saskia Nelson, founder of the world’s first dating photography company Hey Saturday suggests using a professional photographer.

In a recent blog post, she recommended using props and locations that reveal exciting parts of your personality.

“The more your photos reflect who you are as a person, and the more clues they give about you, the more compelling they will be,” she said.

2. Don’t stress over your profile

As explained above, your words don’t count for much in the online dating world.

UK Dating Awards founder and 30 Dates blogger Charly Lester agrees that less is more when it comes to your tagline.

“We want to be able to click through our options quickly and easily – it’s one of the reasons Tinder was such a success,” she said.

So write just enough that it looks like you’re taking Tinder somewhat seriously.

3. Keep your openers simple, but not too simple.

Even online, most women expect men to make the first move.

All four experts agreed the best openers mentioned something they liked about them. A simple compliment based on their profile works wonders.

Copy and pasted comments were mentioned as a pet peeve, as were overly cheesy chat-up lines.

Award-winning blogger Katy Horwood is particularly unforgiving of terrible Tinder openers.

She lists all the pictures and pick-up lines that make her puke, in a post delightfully titled ‘When Will Men Stop Being Such F***ing Tools On Tinder‘.

4. Meet up quickly

Caroline Brealey, founder of matchmaking agency Mutual Attraction, claims that the main problem with online dating is too much choice.

She said the nature of Tinder means most women are never happy with what they have. There’s always someone slightly more suitable around the corner.

To combat that, she suggests skipping the smalltalk and trying to organise a meet-up as soon as possible.

“With our clients, we exchange contact details for them on the premise they’ll get in touch within three days. Otherwise, they’ll never get round to it,” she said.

5. Pick a date you wanted to do anyway

Charly Lester hates the idea of going for a drink with a Tinder date. She says sitting opposite each other piles on the pressure.

Recalling some of the rendezvous from her 30 Dates blog (LINK), she said the best dates were often the ones where they were walking side by side with other stuff to look at.

“One of the best things about dating in London is that you become a tourist in your own city, so go on a date that you really wanted to do anyway. That way you’ll have a great time regardless of how well you got on,” she said.

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