The London Dater’s Best and Worst Dates


Find out about the free e-book ‘The London Dater’s Best And Worst Dates as a bonus when you purchase my new book ‘The London Bucket List’.

It’s the project I’ve been terrified to complete.

Ever since I posted about my efforts with speed dating back in April, it’s been apparent that this is sort of thing you guys want really want to read about (that article attracted has more email subscribers than any other).

Even so, I’ve been too embarrassed to post about my own dating efforts on this blog.

Until now.

I’ve created an e-book titled ‘The London Dater’s with five short about the craziest dates I’ve ever been on.

And i’m going to give it away for free to everyone who buys my new book The London Bucket List.

A teaser – some cheeky excerpts

Check out the front cover, contents page and some of favourite excepts from the book below.   
best-and-worst-dates best-and-worst-dates-1 best-and-worst-dates-2










Within half an hour, we were back at the house. She said my bedroom looked like a crack den, but couldn’t even finish the insult before we were ripping each other’s clothes off.

Chapter 1 – Reality TV Romance

I could tell the women were intimidated. Skinny blonde was instantly back in her shell. Super-drunk started ranting how none of the strippers were even hot.

Chapter 3 – The Russians In A Strip Club

She pleads with me not to be so funny, because laughing really hurts her ribs. At this point, I couldn’t imagine she’d be that adventurous in bed (yes, this thought actually went through my head, I’m going to hell).

Chapter 5 – My Date Got Hit By A Bus

How to get the book

You can get hold of this book in three simple steps.

  • Buy The London Bucket List.
  • Email your CreateSpace confirmation email to
  • Wait for your three free e-books arrive in your inbox (you’ll also receive an e-book version of The London Bucket List + an exclusive version of our Cheap Night Out Cheat Sheet.)

What Is The London Bucket List?

front cover

The London Bucket List is my magnum opus of awesome things to do in London.

There are 50 activities in the list. To feature, the activity must be unique, relatively unheard of and incredibly fun. This is far from your typical tourist guide. Buy it and you’ll have no excuse to be bored in our capital city again.

Click here to learn more about the book, make your purchase and get hold of your bonuses.

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