The Long Awkward Road To Becoming Fearless With Women


Why I started my journey to becoming fearless around beautiful women – and what I did to improve in this area.

That awkward moment when an absolute stunner sits opposite you on the tube. The right woman at the wrong time…This is SO annoying for the average London lad.

If this was midnight at Mahiki, it would be ideal. You’d be in your best threads with a few beers inside you. She’d be smiling, feeling sociable and expecting to be flirted with.

Instead, you’re sitting like a bozo in your tracksuit bottoms. She’s wearing headphones and her resting bitch face, surrounded by dozens of silent observers on the Central Line – a place where society says no-one speaks to each other.

This was the situation I found myself in a few weeks ago; It took me five stops, but I gave it a shot.

Long story short, she said she had a boyfriend.

I had to sit there pretending to play with my phone for a few minutes. This one bloke smirked sarcastically. Still, it felt SO MUCH better than not braving it.

Nothing she could have said would feel worse than not doing it. I know because I’ve sat there and said nothing too many times.

I’ve since started speaking up in potentially awkward situations much more. It’s daunting, but it  ALWAYS feels better than not doing it.

How To Be Fearless

I talk about this in my free downloadable How To Be Fearless PDF.

The brand new introduction explains why I started my journey to becoming fearless around beautiful women, what I did to improve so immensely in this area, and the surprising advantages of doing so.

The document also explains:

  • The science of why we’re scared to speak to gorgeous girls
  • 8 attitude shifts to kill your fear of the opposite sex
  • 17 clever conversational tricks to help you chat up women
  • What to say to a girl you just met
  • My top tip for becoming the coolest guy at the nightclub

I think the tube will always be a bit of an awkward place to pick up. So will the high street. Or any situation where you’re sober and she’s a stranger.

But if you take the time to practice these principles, you can potentially turn these situations into incredible relationships.

Learn my lessons with me

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