The Thrill Of The Chase – how to get the e-book for free

My new book ‘The Thrill Of The Chase: How To Thrive In Singledom, Become A Better Man And Get The Girls You Actually Want’ is published this autumn.

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“This wasn’t just about the thrill of seeing a new woman naked. It was also the addictive sensation of social freedom, epic parties and becoming increasingly confident. If I could get good enough at this, I felt I would do it forever.”

Bored of being single? Tired of trying to ‘get lucky’ with girls who are ‘out of your league?’

The ‘Thrill Of The Chase’ is:

  • your epic step-by-step guide to making singledom more fun than you ever imagined

  • the true story of how thousands of men transformed their dating lives beyond their wildest dreams

  • a proven formula for getting over heartbreak and finding a girlfriend you’ll love forever

  • unbelievable sex and rejection stories that’ll make you laugh milk through your nose

Joe Elvin describes his journey from desperate heartbroken loser to healthy dating life, via Las Vegas’ largest strip club, the set of Channel 4 reality show ‘First Dates’ and several other unforgettable situations.

Laugh at his early awkwardness, learn from his mistakes, be inspired by his epiphanies.

If you’re the type of man who wants to make the most of single life, this is the book for you.

How to get the e-book for free

I am giving 50 people the opportunity to get a digital version of the book for FREE before the release date.

Simply drop your email address in the box below to download the chapters and introduction.

I’ll be emailing everyone who does so more details about how they can get their free e-book within the next couple of weeks.

Enter your email address to download THE THRILL OF THE CHASE: CHAPTERS AND INTRODUCTION