The Truth About Alcohol In Relationships


In this guest post, enthusiastic blogger Lucy Adams from explores the pros and cons of alcohol usage in relationships.

Alcoholic drinks can play an important role in communication, especially when it comes to relationships.

Many couples form after parties and the consequences resulting from them, such as casual sex and other adventures. Like it or not, that’s natural and not too badly treated by most people, except for the inveterate moralists.

Furthermore, a recent study completed by researchers at the University of Missouri and the University of Buffalo supports the hypothesis that alcohol improves communication between couples.

Volunteers in serious relationships were instructed to keep diaries and record how much they drink during the day, as well as what thoughts come to their minds in that state. This way, scientists were able to identify the processes that usually remain invisible to prying eyes.

Ash Levitt, Ph.D. and fellow researcher at the Research Institute for Drug Abuse, concluded: “The joint drinking positively affects the further communication, especially in business. After drinking with your business partner, you become closer to him (her) and have more chance to solve complex issues that would take much more time outside of the bar. At the same time, refusal of alcohol prevents rapprochement,”

Clearly, alcohol can play a positive role in promoting relationships.

The Reverse Side of the Coin

Alcohol can enhance both private and business relationships, but only when consumed moderately. A larger amount won’t contribute to the general prosperity of relationships.

Alcohol is typically an insidious helper in intimate relationships. It does increase sexuality at first, but with excessive use, it can turn partners into alcoholics and completely destroy their intimate life. You should stay on a fine line, not letting alcohol enslave you!

The effect of alcohol on the human body regarding sexuality is ambiguous. Moderate doses lead to increased sexuality and sexual desire (both in men and women), as well as relieve psychological stress. It also stimulates the production of substances responsible for serotonin, dopamine, and opiates (substances, which stimulate erection). However, it can be highly addictive. Since drunken sex is brighter than usual, both partners develop a pernicious habit of drinking before sex. To achieve the desired result, they increase the dose each time and soon become addicted.

Moreover, high doses of alcohol have an opposite effect on sexuality in both men and women. Reduced erection and libido, as well as women’s demands for the level of intimate relations that are beyond men’s power. This can lead to complete disagreement in sexual relations, often burdened with neurosis, existential crisis and other psychological problems.

Alcohol and sexuality are friends and enemies at the same time. At the beginning of an intimate relationship, alcohol is sometimes necessary to relax and achieve the state of intimacy as an event elevated above the surrounding commonness. But even a small dose of alcohol before sex should not become a habit.

If sex without strong drinks is impossible to you, consult a doctor.

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