The Truth About Pick-Up Artists

PUA 600

An exclusive interview with London pick-up artists Michael Valmont, Johnny Berba and Simon Spencer

These are the men that make picking-up chicks look as easy as parking your car.

Flick through their YouTube channels and you’ll find hundreds of hot women falling for their charms.

And now they’re offering us normals the chance to learn the tricks of the trade…

In an set of exclusive interviews,  I asked Michael Valmont, Johnny Berba and Simon Spencer what it’s like to have these superpowers with the opposite sex.

The interview reveals;

  • how they taught themselves to become masters of seduction

  • tales of their most epic pick-ups

  • how much money they are making from one-on-one coaching

  • the most remarkable transformations they’ve seen among their students

  • the controversial side of working in the seduction industry

If that’s not enough, each coach suggested six of their best tips to help men instantly improve their dating lives.

That’s 18 nuggets of solid gold straight from the gobs of London’s seduction experts. These tips weren’t published in the original interview. You can only get them by entering your email address in the box below.

As soon as you do that, you’ll be able to download your copy of the interview along with your 18 bonus tips.

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