‘What Are You Afraid Of?’ – the podcast about fear

The first episode of our new podcast ‘What Are You Afraid Of?’ covers the fear of romantic rejection.

My good friend Ciaran Callam and I have launched a new podcast all about fear. In each episode, we’ll be examining a difrerent type of fear. Why do people feel this way? What effect does it have on our lives? What are the best ways to prevent or manage it?

In Episode 1, we discuss the fear of romantic rejection.  Our special guest is Maria Nazdravan from The Rejected Podcast.

Here it is:

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  • How & why I set off on a mission to become fearless around women

  • The science behind why we’re scared to talk to the opposite sex

  • 8 attitude shifts to kill your fear of attractive women

  • 17 clever conversational tricks to help you speak confidently to anyone

  • What to say to a girl you just met

  • The best motivational videos to spark you into action today!

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